Lee Weissman, Au.D., M.S.Eng.


Best Hearing Aids

The best hearing aids for an individual depend on may factors. Think of hearing aids as having a body style and an engine. We select the body style together to ensure that it feels comfortable, is easy for you to operate and maintain, is secure in your ear, and is the right size to meet your hearing and aesthetic needs while still solving your hearing problems. The electronics inside, the engine, largely determines the price. With the best engine, you will generally hear your best in most situations including noisy restaurants, while driving in the car, when speaking on the phone, and when in large rooms. The best engines allow us to more precisely tune the instruments and have special automatic features to provide the clearest and smoothest speech sounds with less annoyance from ambient sounds. It takes a skilled clinician who can ask the right questions, listen well to your needs, and understand the complex trade-offs involved in selecting and fine-tuning the best hearing aids for you. Dr. Weissman has training and experience with most hearing aid brands, and because his practice has no financial obligations to any hearing aid company, he is one of the few providers in Marin County free to provide the solution that is best for your needs and budget.

Why We are Different?

Dr. Weissman is a graduate of the consistently top-ranked Vanderbilt Medical School Doctor of Audiology program. His training included clinical experience at Nashville’s Veteran’s Health Administration Medical Center and at a private audiology practice working with both children and adults. Before opening his practice in Marin, Dr. Weissman held the chief audiologist position at a four-physician ear, nose, and throat practice in Oakland. He also managed a retail-based hearing aid center in Marin County.

Prior to entering the audiology field, Dr. Weissman earned degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. His rigorous engineering training prepared him to work as a software developer, product designer and manager for several major medical device companies in Silicon Valley. Dr. Weissman’s extensive knowledge of acoustics, electronics, and medical instrumentation offers his patients a valuable edge, as he is better prepared to understand the technical features of digital hearing aids and to select and adjust devices to best suit his patients’ needs.

After having worked in a large academic medical center, a physicians’ group in Oakland, and a retail hearing aid center in Marin, I knew I could best serve individuals with hearing loss through a smaller independent practice. My vision is to get to know our patients and their individual needs – so as to best help them overcome their hearing difficulties…

… My office in Marin is built around blending hearing science, innovative technology, and personal service. When I worked as a retail audiologist I was permitted to dispense only one brand. I like to feel free to offer patients the devices they will get the most use out of now and that will be flexible enough to serve them well for years to come – L. Weissman.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid recommendations and fittings
  • Hearing aid cleaning, service, and repairs
  • Custom made earplugs for noise protection, sleeping, and swimming
  • Custom made musician earplugs with variable sound attenuation

What our patients say

  • Dear Lee, You were extremely considerate, professional and helpful in adjusting my hearing-aid earlier this week. and I thank you. The hearing-aids are working well for me now. I'm wearing them almost continually, as you suggested. I'm able to wear them without previously experienced irritating abstractions, and they now are effective for me in most all circumstances. Thank you again. I'm very appreciative of what you did, including your instructions to me on how best to use them. My best to you.

    B.L., Mill Valley, CA.,

  • Our family went to Dr. Weissman's talk on Hearing Loss and Aging at an assisted living facility and learned so much that has helped us understand our father's hearing loss. Dr. Weissman was respectful, kind, patient, and understanding with our father--and with us, taking time to answer our questions and go above and beyond to give us information. We always felt he was accessible and always there to listen and respond to our needs and the needs of our father. Dr. Weissman is the best. If you or a loved one has hearing loss, you owe it to yourself to visit him asap.

    P.S., Mill Valley, CA.,

  • A true professional - It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Weissman to get my hearing aids. He has proven to be very professional and has a great sense of humor. He took the time to ask me questions regarding my hearing loss and also tested me to assure that I would be fitted with the correct hearing instruments. The hearings aids that he picked for me are working great, and I think he made a very good selection at a very reasonable price. It is a pleasure to work with him.

    S.F., San Rafael, CA.,

  • Lee is a wonderful audiologist. He will take the time to give you an excellent fitting, and explore multiple options with you. You will never feel rushed. He's knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend going to him for an audiogram or a fitting. I haven't bought hearing aids from him yet, so I can't comment on that, but he can order nearly anything you need. Also, it's so nice to have a good local audiologist. Go check him out!

    H.D., Fairfax, CA.,

  • He has been professional, knowledgeable and helpful in providing me with info on my hearing concerns and options for addressing them. I have recommended him to others.

    E.O., El Cerrito, CA.,