Hearing Tests

A thorough hearing evaluation by a licensed audiologist, such as the one offered at Hear So Good, includes multiple tests to evaluate your hearing health. These tests involve checking your ear's physical health with otoscopy and tympanometry, determining your hearing threshold using pure tone threshold testing, evaluating speech understanding, and assessing inner ear cell health. All of these steps ensure personalized recommendations are made to meet your specific hearing needs and goals.

Hearing Tests and Evaluations

It is important to get a thorough audiological assessment by a licensed audiologist and not just a “hearing test” or “hearing screening” for the purpose of fitting hearing aids.

At Hear So Good, you will have a complete auditory evaluation. We begin with a thorough hearing-related medical history, which helps us understand your hearing journey and your needs. Next, we’ll take a good look in your ears using an otoscope, checking for anything that might affect test results.

Your hearing can be impacted by debris or wax build-up and we want to ensure your ears are healthy before we start our testing. Once we confirm your ears are physically healthy, we will start the testing. A complete audiological assessment includes a test of eardrum function, a test of the softest sounds you can hear (threshold testing), and a test of speech understanding.

We will have your test results ready during your appointment, and we will review the results together. Depending on what we find, we will make a set of individualized recommendations appropriate for you and your hearing goals.

Otoscopy & Tympanometry

Each hearing test begins with a close look at the health of the outer and middle ear. Otoscopy is used to check if the ear canal is clear and the eardrum appears healthy. We also perform tympanometry, which tells us how well the ear drum and the tiny bones behind it move in response to sound.

Pure Tone Threshold Testing

A pure tone threshold test measures the softest sounds that you can hear. We check several pitches during this test and put the results on a graph called an audiogram. The graph helps us determine the severity and type of your hearing loss.

Speech Testing

No hearing test is complete without measures of speech understanding. Dr. Weissman will conduct different types of speech tests during your evaluation. These tests help determine how your brain processes the sound information it receives.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

Otoacoustic emission testing is a powerful tool for audiologists as it measures the health of the cells in the inner ear. It provides important pitch-specific information regarding the function of particular cells in the inner ear.

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