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Audiologist Lee Weissman provides hearing care for the whole person. Dr. Weissman is skilled in differential diagnosis so if you have a medical cause for your hearing loss or tinnitus, he will make the appropriate referrals for possible treatment. With his thorough and comprehensive reports, Dr. Weissman provides useful recommendations for both you and your physician to act upon. He maintains expertise across multiple hearing aid manufacturers, ensuring access to the latest technologies and a wide range of options for his patients.

Our Difference

Technical knowledge second to none

Many providers limit their focus to only one or two hearing aid manufacturers. It makes their job easier but can limit the options available to you. At Hear So Good, we maintain our technical expertise across all six major manufacturers, and several smaller ones, enabling us to best serve you. Working with such a large number of manufacturers ensures that you have access to the newest technologies and the most appropriate styles and features.

Dr. Weissman has a leg up on other providers because he is an engineer by education and a former software engineer by experience. He fundamentally understands the technology used in hearing aids and Smart Phones. Dr. Weissman can rapidly assimilate the latest technology and show you how to use it for optimum benefit.

Actionable recommendations to you and your doctors

Hearing aids often are not recommended after an evaluation. Dr. Weissman is focused on your overall health and will only recommend a treatment plan that includes hearing aids if his evaluation indicates that hearing aids are the best option.

Dr. Weissman spends a lot of time preparing reports and will give you advice about how to protect the hearing you have left, how to optimize your ability to understand speech in different situations, and how to treat or cope with your tinnitus.

Based on the outcome of your tests and his professional clinical judgement, Dr. Weissman will suggest to you and your primary care physician, options for further treatment, testing or specialist referrals to enhance your quality of life whether it be related to communications, tinnitus, vertigo, or risk for falling.

Skilled at differential diagnosis

Lee Weissman is a licensed medical professional audiologist who takes your health seriously. Dr. Weissman is skilled at differential diagnosis and can identify a hearing loss that may be due to a condition requiring medical treatment. Certain hearing losses, especially those with a sudden onset, can be reversed if treated with steroids within 72 hours. If sudden hearing loss - typically caused by an inner ear infection or inflammation - is not aggressively treated soon enough, a permanent and debilitating hearing loss not treatable with hearing aids can occur.

Other hearing losses can be due to congestion or fluid buildup behind the eardrum, or some disorder of the tiny bones (ossicular chain) behind the eardrum. If you have any of these conditions, hearing aids may not be necessary and Dr. Weissman will refer you to an otolaryngologist (Ear Nose and Throat doctor) for treatment.

In fact, The FDA considers any of the following symptoms Red Flags that warrant further evaluation before purchasing hearing aids:

  • Visible congenital or traumatic deformity of the ear.
  • History of active drainage from the ear in the previous 90 days.
  • History of sudden or rapidly progressive hearing loss within the previous 90 days.
  • Acute or chronic dizziness.
  • Unilateral hearing loss of sudden or recent onset within the previous 90 days.
  • Audiometric air-bone gap equal to or greater than 15 decibels at 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz, and 2,000 Hz.
  • Visible evidence of significant cerumen accumulation or a foreign body in the ear canal.
  • Pain or discomfort in the ear.

In addition to referring you to appropriate medical specialists for the above FDA Red Flags prior to fitting you with hearing aids, we also refer you for one or both of  the following findings.

  • A significant hearing difference between your ears and other findings that indicate there is a chance that the hearing nerve is affected.
  • A sudden change in tinnitus (ear ringing/noise) severity.

Our Audiologist

Lee Weissman, Au.D.

Dr. Weissman has been dispensing hearing aids for more than 12 years and has been a Marin County audiologist for over 10 years. He is a graduate of the consistently top-ranked Vanderbilt Medical School Doctor of Audiology program.

His training included clinical experience at Nashville’s Veteran’s Health Administration Medical Center and at a private audiology practice working with both children and adults.

Before setting up his own practice in Marin County, Dr. Weissman held the chief audiologist position at a four-physician ear, nose, and throat practice in Oakland. He also managed a retail-based hearing aid center.

Prior to entering the audiology field, Dr. Weissman earned degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. His rigorous engineering training prepared him to work as a software developer, product designer and manager for several major medical device companies in Silicon Valley.

His extensive knowledge of acoustics, electronics, and medical instrumentation offers his patients a valuable edge. He is better prepared to understand the technical features of digital hearing aids and to select and adjust devices to best suit his patients’ needs.

…We work with a large number of hearing aid manufacturers, assuring patients have access to the newest technologies and the most appropriate styles and features. We strive to make your time in our office comfortable and informative.
– L.Weissman


Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from our patients.

Why choose a Doctor of Audiology?

Good hearing is a key component of physical health and emotional well-being. When choosing your hearing health provider, apply the same care as you do when selecting your primary care physician, orthopedist, or any other medical specialist.

Are all providers equal?

All hearing aid providers are not equal. Professional audiologists like Dr. Weissman have earned the most advanced credential available to a hearing health practitioner. A doctoral-degreed audiologist has typically eight years of postsecondary education. When choosing a health partner to evaluate and improve your hearing for the long term, a Doctor of Audiology is typically your best choice.

Do advanced credentials matter?

We are trained to evaluate your hearing using advanced technologies, listen to your concerns attentively, and zero in precisely on solutions that best address your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle. We strive to make your time in our office comfortable and informative. The education and counseling we offer will help you to participate in decisions about your care and confidently implement recommended solutions.

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