Hearing Aid Repairs

Dr. Weissman at Hear So Good is an experienced audiologist with an engineering background, allowing him to effectively troubleshoot hearing aid problems. Many issues can be fixed quickly, but some may require factory repairs or adjustments due to changes in hearing. Regular maintenance and adjustments help maintain audibility and keep you connected to the world around you.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to have your hearing aids professionally checked and cleaned. Dr. Weissman is an experienced audiologist and hearing aid specialist, and he is also a degreed engineer with decades of experience designing and troubleshooting complex systems. This gives him an edge over many providers when helping clients that come in with hearing aid problems.

Some common problems experienced by hearing aid clients needing repair or adjustments

  • The hearing aid is uncomfortable or painful
  • The hearing aid does not stay in/on your ear
  • The hearing aid whistles
  • Your ears feel plugged up
  • Your own voice sounds strange
  • You can’t hear conversation in noisy places like restaurants
  • You can’t hear well over the telephone
  • Sounds around you like paper rustling or water running are too loud

Troubleshooting hearing aid problems

Often a client comes in and states that their hearing aids are not working or sometimes they will say what they think the problem is and will ask for specific things to be done such as, turn them up, replace the wax guards, send them back to the manufacturer, etc. But the hearing aids may be only half the problem – or not the problem at all!

Dr. Weissman looks at the situation from a systems point of view to get to the root cause and solution for any given symptom. This means that your problem will be fixed quickly and at the least expense.

Frequent hearing aid problems needing repair

  • The battery is dead or inserted incorrectly
  • The wax guard is plugged
  • The speaker is plugged
  • The microphone is plugged
  • The speaker wire is damaged
  • The tubing is old and stiffened or possibly cracked
  • The tubing has moisture/liquid inside it
  • The vent is plugged with cerumen/debris
  • The hearing aid has accumulated internal moisture

Frequent client problems needing services

  • Device is not being inserted properly
  • Earmold doesn’t fit right (falling out, moving, hard to insert, hurts, noise while chewing, plugging, popping).
  • The ear canal is plugged with earwax
  • Hearing has changed

Factory repairs

Many problems can be fixed within minutes on the same day. On occasion, a faulty device must be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Turnaround times on factory repairs are typically one week or less – quicker with rush fees.

Hearing changed

Quite often the problem is not with the hearing aids but with a change in hearing. Hearing loss is, unfortunately, typically progressive and worsens with advancing age.

Staying on top of your hearing loss requires periodic testing and adjustments to your hearing aids to maintain audibility of speech and everyday sounds in your environment.

Maintaining properly adjusted hearing aids ensures that your auditory system and brain will remain stimulated, thus avoiding auditory deprivation and keeping you connected to your loved ones and the world around you.

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