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Success with Hearing Aids: Vision and Dexterity

Success with Hearing Aids:
Vision and Dexterity


Success with hearing aids depends on many things. Of great importance is the knowledge, skill, and availability of your provider. Provider time spent with you can have a major impact on your benefit. It is important to consider how much office time you may need and the provider’s willingness and ability to meet your needs when selecting a provider. Ask someone you know and trust for recommendations – the nicest, smartest, nearest, or cheapest provider may not be the best choice for you. This article is the first in a series focused on “How to Succeed with Hearing Aids.”


The Achilles Heel of a Good Hearing Aid Fit

July 6, 2015

One of the greatest challenges when fitting hearing aids can be finding the best method to couple the device to the patient’s ear. For some individuals the solution is straightforward but for many, the audiologist must combine keen observation, experimentation, creativity, good problem-solving skills, and a lot of patience.

I personally enjoy this part of the job. Many audiologists would think the task mundane and not really see the value such practice brings to providing a patient with devices that will be comfortable and easy to use and maintain. Many audiologists, as many individuals these days, get overly enamored with advanced technology and think that sophisticated products will solve everything.