Oticon Real

Oticon Real

Discover the Oticon Real, the newest cutting-edge hearing aid series from Oticon. Expanding upon the accomplishments of the previous model, Oticon More, the Oticon Real retains all the beloved features, including Bluetooth audio streaming, integration with Oticon's deep neural network technology, and water resistance. Additionally, the Oticon Real introduces two significant improvements in audio performance and user comfort.

Introducing the Oticon Real, the latest flagship hearing aid family from Oticon. Building on the successful foundation of its predecessor, Oticon More, the Oticon Real offers all the same features, such as Bluetooth audio streaming, access to Oticon's deep neural network technology, and water resistance, while adding two key advancements in sound quality and comfort.

Key Oticon Real Features:

  • Oticon Real Lineup: miniRITE R (rechargeable receiver-in-canal), miniRITE T (disposable size 312 battery), miniBTE R (rechargeable behind-the-ear), and miniBTE T (disposable size 312 battery)
  • Nine different colors with a matted finish to match various hair colors
  • More Sound Intelligence 2.0: Scans the sound scene 500 times per second, improving speech understanding in challenging listening environments
  • Wind and Handling Stabilizer: The world's first wind and handling noise prevention feature, reducing wind noise and improving speech clarity
  • Sudden Sound Stabilizer: Detects and controls soft, loud, and sudden sounds for a more comfortable listening experience without compromising speech audibility
  • Bluetooth connectivity, artificial intelligence via Deep Neural Network, and a waterproof rating for enhanced user experience

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